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To all the superheroes out there
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Wishing all dads a very happy father's day

Check out our list of gift ideas and customise one - specially for your Dad.

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longlasting perfume maison21g
gene dropper maison21g

eco-car diffuser

Your father’s car is his safe space - and we want you to be there with him on every journey.

  • 2 refillable 3ml droppers with the luxurious scent of your choice
  • Comes with 5 cotton pads to be infused with your chosen fragrances
  • Up to 20 hours of scent diffusion per cotton pad

Personalised perfume creation

This Father’s Day, celebrate him and everything he has done for you by sending your love in a bottle.

  • 100% Customisable
  • Hand-picked scents, unique blend
  • Print onto the bottle your favourite memories with dad

take him for a perfume workshop

Enjoy quality time with your Dad in our perfume atelier workshop.

  • Learn together the secrets and tips to smell great
  • Share and create a unique bonding moment
  • Create together your very own bottle of perfume from scratch
prendre bestseller maison21g

If you're still hesitating...
let us give a little help.

Here’s our recommendation of the Best-Selling Male fragrance at Maison 21G, adored by men regardless of age. It will help him stay fresh and confident throughout the day!

  • energizing & revitalising
  • longlasting perfume maison21g
    Authentic & long lasting
  • heart_frame_1
    Elegant & Timeless

What They Say

Reviews from satisfied customers who love their customised purchases & experience.
My girlfriend loves surprises, and every year I make it a point to surprise her with something new on her birthday. This year, I brought her to one of the perfumery workshop at Maison 21G and we ended up creating a unique scent for each other. Not only was the experience unique and lovely, we also went home with a bottle of handmade perfume each. Will definitely recommend.
‍Perfumery Workshop
I drive to work and back home everyday. And most of the time, I will be stuck in rush hour, spending most of my time in my car. Having the right scent ambience in my car makes being stuck in traffic a lot more bearable. I also like that I can switch between scents, unlike the past where I have to use up a whole diffuser before changing a scent. Perfect for all car lovers!
Xavier Tan
Car Diffuser
Have always wanted to gift a perfume for my friend but never knew what suits him or what he likes. Gifting a perfume is made easier because now I can take the quiz on my friend’s behalf and get suggestions for the scents that suit him. The best part is the quality assurance that we can change it if we are not 100% satisfied. Very impressed!
Alexander Lim
Perfume Creation